Successes and achievements are based on a passion for people development and empowerment. Known as an inspirational leader with a supportive yet challenging management style that motivates both teams and individuals to achieve and exceed targets and job responsibilities, made to start an enterprising industry named as


In excess of 26 years hands on experience with specific skills in design and development of products; working from initial evaluation of theoretical designs through product development, prototyping, functional testing, regulatory and statutory compliance and then release the product to respective fields of technology this made our presence felt in Karnataka, TamilNadu, Maharashtra, Kerala , Andhra Pradesh & also outside the country in Sri Lanka, UAE, Philippines etc. with base of more than 5000 satisfied customers, OEMs, dealers.

Sri Subadra Industries is now constituted in to a Private Limited Company as “SRI SUBADRA ENERGY INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED”.

SRI SUBADRA ENERGY INNOVATIONS Pvt Ltd. is paving the way into a new horizon in Renewable Energy & Energy Saving Lighting Industries as a world class manufacturer, solution provider and project developers.

SRI SUBADRA ENERGY INNOVATIONS Pvt Ltd , provides comprehensive solutions on , solar off –grid roof top solutions , Solar hybrid inverters, Water Pumping , Solar Lighting & Energy saving Lighting for Street & commercial establishments ,homes, restaurant & motels, schools and colleges, agriculture & Industrial applications.



Our Mission:

SRI SUBADRA ENERGY INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED.(SSEIPL) Provides the world with a truly renewable energy through a fully-integrated solar & energy saving lighting business model.

SSEIPL is committed to offer innovative and reliable products with the ultimate goal of providing best service with satisfaction in the industry.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become a global leader in the solar & energy saving industry by 2020, offering engagements with distinctive and innovative solutions for enhanced solar energy & energy saving user satisfaction.

Our Values: Challenge / Integrity / Dedication



Environment Safety: At SSEIPL, We seek to set an example for others by providing a safe, clean, and green environment for all our employees. It is our belief that a better environment starts with us and we show it through our employee attitudes, uphill struggle, and diligence.

In-Depth Research & Development: SSEIPL has in-depth R&D laboratory headed by the top notch experienced technocrats, which has already delivered Best in class designed power products by competing the edge of technology. We are very open to accept any of the partnership for the technology development in solar & lighting applications around the globe.

Core Competitiveness: SSEIPL seeks to stay competitive in the solar energy & Lighting vertical by engaging through cost-competitive, high quality products and delivering them on time.

Value Creation: At SSEIPL, We gain our competitive edge through proficient services and stringent quality control to ensure our products are of the best quality in performance and reliability.



Vertical integration allows us to control both variables as we pass on the added benefits to SSEIPL customers.

  •  More streamlined manufacturing processes.
  • Greater technological innovation and faster time to market.
  • Production planning for lowering costs, reducing stockpiles,
  • and stabilizing prices.
  • Superior quality control, allowing for better defect free
  • products
  • More cost synergies as you explore ways to reduce expenses
  • and protect margins.

Guided by a clear streamline in-depth R&D roadmap, we innovate not only define today’s solar & Lighting market , but also carve a clearer path to more competitive and sustainable market of tomorrow. With a high-tech engineering and technology experts, our production line benefits from perpetual improvements as we improve conversion rates, lower costs, boost capacity, increase quality, and speed delivery.



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#p6-D , first main, first stage, Peenya industrial area, BBMP ward no 38, Bangalore 560058